The Website Installer located in the Arrowhead IT Solutions Web Hosting Control Panel offers an actually quite easy approach to set up a brand–new web site along with a custom design within just five minutes. All it takes is merely 4 simple steps for your web site to be on the Internet. You can actually pick from more than two hundred available web themes and just as soon as it is ready, you’re able to take care of your brand–new website very easily. We are going to send you signin credentials for the management area and you should be able to start including new web pages instantly. If, at any time, you need guidance – our computer engineers are available around the clock, willing to assist you.

The Website Installer is accessible with every cloud web hosting services, Linux VPS services, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and dedicated hosting package coming with the Arrowhead IT Solutions Web Hosting Control Panel.

An Instantaneous Webpage Installer

Release your brand–new site with a click

If you aren’t proficient in site coding, it might be really difficult for you to handle a site configuration alone – if you don’t make use of easy–to–use site generation applications such as our instant Website Installer that will be incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel. To work with the tool, you simply need to select a design theme for use on your web site and then set it up with simply a click. You don’t have to possess virtually any development expertise to get started with your website. You can include fresh web pages and upload text content and images to them truly efficiently. If you don’t like the change you have made you can revert it and try again. It is all very easy to deal with.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Design Templates

More than two hundred web themes are at hand

We’ve crafted more than 200 diverse web themes that you can use for your personal websites. Because we never have made available all these themes beyond Arrowhead IT Solutions’s Web Hosting Control Panel, only Arrowhead IT Solutions’s users can easily take advantage of them. The templates are carefully meant to suit numerous websites – from private blogs and portfolio websites to e–shops and photo galleries.

We’re constantly focusing on launching brand–new designs as well.

200+ Free Templates

24/7/365 Assistance Service

Get in touch with us for support at any time

Arrowhead IT Solutions’s technical support crew possesses an in–depth knowledge of website hosting and is happy to assist you with any kind of complications you may have dealing with your websites. Also, we have a comprehensive FAQ library in addition to a variety of step–by–step video tutorials that address the most common topics and issues. You will find a one–hour resolution time warranty, nonetheless, in many instances our customer support associates are able to reply back within half an hour.

24/7 Support