The network capacity of a web server determines how fast your sites will open and how many people will be able to visit them all at once. However, that isn't the only factor, but it's a really important one. On one hand, regardless how optimized a specific website can be, bad connectivity will mean low loading speeds or possibly service interruptions, especially when just one Internet provider is used to access the server. Alternatively, an excellent connection with low capacity will enable just a small number of visitors to browse the site simultaneously, while new visitors will have tough time loading any content. In this sense, the prosperity of your site depends not only on the content, but also on the site’s accessibility and loading speed. These two elements are dependant on the connection which the hosting server uses.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Cloud Web Hosting

Our machines are situated in 3 data centers around the globe - in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. You shall be able to select the location of your new cloud web hosting account during the signup process, but your website visitors will not be able to see the difference, because the multi-gigabit connection which we use will guarantee rapid loading speeds for your sites irrespective of the location of the facility which you have picked. The data centers have direct fiber lines to a lot of major metropolitan areas in their respective regions and use numerous Internet backbone providers to guarantee quick and consistent access to each of the web servers. Also, we use new effective hardware for the network that connects the groups on our cloud hosting platform, in order to guarantee speedy access to every single site hosted on it.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The US data center facility where we offer semi-dedicated hosting plans has top-notch connectivity to both the East Coast and the West Coast. The accounts are set up on our innovative website hosting platform, which uses a multi-gigabit traffic channel, so if you host your websites with us, the speed with which the visitors will open them shall depend exclusively on their Internet connection. The data center uses a selection of Internet providers to ensure that the servers can be reached at any time, even when there’re infrastructural difficulties, while the redundant network inside the facility ensures consistent communication between the independent clusters of servers that are part of our system. In addition, we use top-notch hardware, such as switches, network cards and firewalls, to deal with heavy volumes of website traffic.